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Posted by hj on September 19, 1998 at 19:11:33:
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If the poor thing still has the tea thing stuck in its throat, that is the source of its distress. See if your unit has a hexgon opening in the center of the bottom, (on the outside). If so put an allen wrench into it and rodk back and forth to see if it will respond to the Heimlich maneuver. If it does not have the hole, use 2 broom handles or pry bas to grab the cutters on both side of the inside grinder plate. Cross the two like and X and twist the unit counter clockwise. With enough pressure the poor dear should cough up the obstruction.
: Dearest Mr. Love The Plumming Guy:

: Our garbage disposal is a wee bit broken after it tried to ingest our only metalic tea-strainer-thingy. It's subsequent indegestion is the cause of general dis-satisfaction in the kitchen area.

: When we throw the on-switch the poor bugger just says a quite "rrrrrrrr", the kind of r's sung by a solitaire baby bee, anonymous among the periwinckles. The kind of r's that says "yes, I AM TOO an electric just wait 'till I grow up big and strong like my daddy...he says I'm going to be a big zapper some day, biggest current in the whole wall". Well, you get the picture, eh?

: So, naturally we pushed the little button at the bottom of the change.

: The cheapest plummer we could find said it would be $50 just to come and GIVE the estimate!

: What is your advise for our current situation? Some say it would be cheaper to replace it..I'd have to buy some tools, but I figure I could manage. PLEASE HELP.

: Thank you,

: Tom

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