Push/pull tub handle won't pull out
Posted by Leta on August 04, 19100 at 21:05:13:
I recently removed the cap,screw and handle to my Moen Dialset single tub/shower control to clean because it was soooo very hard to push in and pull out.It would wrench my back out of joint.I used WD-40 hoping to make it easier to work.After puting it back together I couldn't pull it out. It does turn side to side.Did I mess up the stem by using the WD-40 instead of Plumbers grease? I'm not sure that the handle is the right one for this unit-it has a lotta play to it.How can I get my water to come back. I'm a-feared of forcing the stem out that I won't be able to push it back in to stop the water. Do I need to shut off the water--it's outside in the yard and needs work too.I need a plumber instead of a cat and bird-please help me.another do-it-yourselfer

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