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Posted by dick on August 04, 19100 at 09:34:48:
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: how many gallons of hot water does it take for an average shower.we are puchasing a hot water heater for a hunting cabin and we are looking at a 20 gallon electric water heater, should this work?

2.5 gal/min showerhead for 5 min with 75% hot water= 9.375 gallons give or take a couple of gallons.
It might be barely adequate if two people want to shower. electric is kind of slow recovery so would be a while before somebody else could shower.

Unless there is some reason to limit the size like available space or limited electric power, I would put in a 40 or 50 gal heater minimum. When you say hunting cabin I envision 5 or 6 guys spending the day slogging thru snow,mud and mosqitoes, drinking beer , and sweating buckets. all arriving back at the cabin wanting a long boiling hot shower under an illegal high flow showerhead. (better make that an 80 gal heater)

you should consider that, with the same amount of hot water use, the operating cost of a big heater is very little more than a small heater. with only a couple weekends a month use, operating cost will not be much anyway.

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