Re: bathtub drain plug repair or replacement
Posted by hj on September 19, 1998 at 19:03:55:
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Remove the overflow plate. If you are lucky, the mechanism will be inside the pipe and yo will be able to lift it out. If the wires are still attached to the overflow plate, then spray a generous amount of WD40 down the pipe. Do this several times over a 2 hour period. Then get a length of fairly heavy piano wire from a model airplane shop and bent the end into a U shape. Bend the other end into an L so you have something to grab hold of. push the wire into the pipe and then turn it and pull it back up. Eventually you will catch the bail on the plug. Pull up with quick jerks until it comes out. All you have to do is move it about 1/16" and it will come out easily.

: The drain plug has become detached from the lever on the tub that raises and lowers the plug, water in tub won't drain. How do I repair it? Please help!!

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