Flexible plastic hoses for cold and hot? water.
Posted by Michael Devenish-Meares on August 03, 19100 at 05:30:27:
Hi Terry,
I am a fan of Fine Woodworking but found your site through Fine Homebuilding. I am a Kiwi living in the
North West Pacific, (Republic of Palau,) and wish to build a new home for my wife and family. I have heard
mention of flexible, water pipes which are connected from a single source and run to each outlet indipendantly
of each other, with no joins so the chance of a leak seems less. I am told there is a ballcock, or some such
fitting at one end, so in the event a repair is needed, only the hose to that area is switched off. Where could I see
something about it on the web? I propose using steel studs and feel to be able to just run hose through would
be quicker, but how does it hold up? What about hot water, I would need to lag it in some way, I guess? Houses on twon water have very low
pressure and tank water only in many cases. Your site looks good and I will return to read some more of it later,
I liked the articles on the Titanic. I guess you could go of forever with that topic in a plumbing sense!

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