Toilet Fluching problems
Posted by Fred Gaspro on August 02, 19100 at 19:09:01:
You talked in another artical about the trapway on a toilet.
I have tried everything from pulling the toilet and running water down the sewer drain. I even went up on the roof and put the snake down the airvent..nothing.
I have run a snake down the toilet and can't found anything.
When I flush it it fills with water the slowly goes down without the second flush our other toilet does. Oh the other toilet works just fine. They are both on the same floor.
Anyway you talked about a trapway in the do I get to it to make sure it is clean..also, How can I clean every orifice in this toilet.....anything will be better than what I have now.
Oh I called Rotor Rooter and they could not fix it but, I feel I knew more than them and that was damn little.

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