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Posted by More on August 02, 19100 at 15:23:44:
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: The hot water in my shower won't turn off. The problem is with the hot water knob. Whenever I try to twist the knob completely off it doesn't stop and the water sprays all over me. What do i do?

There's a little plastic cap in the middle of the hot water shower knob, right? Pry it off and you'll see a phillips head screw under it......right? Remove the screw, pry the knob off the valve stem, and you'll see a brass colored shutoff stem that has little ridges that fit into that plastic knob. Grasp those little ridges with a pliers and then turn the hot water off. Did that work? Go to the hot water heater and shut off the cold water that is piped into it. Go back to your hot water valve and unscrew it a little bit (Open it and let the hot water drain out - cuz now there's no cold water pressure behind it) That brass colored valve with ridges is the stem that holds the shutoff washer, but it is also held in place with a bonnet packing nut. Unscrew that and then remove the valve stem. Look under it and you'll see a rubber washer that needs to be replaced.

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