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Posted by More on August 02, 19100 at 15:15:48:
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: : My basement toilet appears to be venting when the upstairs bathtub is drained (and will overflow if its flushed during the bathtub draining). It works fine all other times - problem just started. Any ideas?
: : And... any recommendations for a plumber in Seattle (u dist area) Thanks!!

: Pat,
: That sounds like a tough one. How does the tub drain? Is it slow?
: Terry Love, Redmond Wa,
: Down the street from MicroSoft
: I'm in Seattle all the time.

Look at the description of what your complaint is. When the tub water drains, it falls to the basement and passes the vent for the toilet. Tub drains what, twenty gallons for six minutes? That water flow hits the sewer main at a 90 degree bend, and immediately slows. If you then add the 6 gallons from flushing the basement toilet, the flow is hitting a downstream obstruction. Suspect a part of a diaper or sanitary napkin, or something bulky but tough with plastic attached to it had stopped close to the fittings downstream from the Toilet. Got a four inch cleanout somewhere around there? Snake it out real good

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