Re: Removing lead-sealed shower drain
Posted by More lead on August 01, 19100 at 22:42:53:
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: I'm replacing a shower pan with a drain that appears to be sealed with lead around a 2-inch pipe. What's the best way to remove the he exising drain without destroying the drain pipe?

Without destroying the drain pipe? You need to melt the lead until its liquid, then pull out the red hot fitting. Be really careful and keep a fire extinguisher with you, and make sure you can see the top and bottom of the floor you are working on. See the mad plumber idiot story below about lighting the tar paper on fire at the insulation in the garage. This is the reason people spend the money to have a LICENSED plumber do the work. That way the LICENSED plumber can tell all his friends about the apprentice that lighted up the house. If you have a problem with housing fires, you can get a cast iron cutter and cut the fitting below the hub and add fernco couplings.

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