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Posted by Marty on August 01, 19100 at 16:30:24:
A recent posting titled "Plumbers ripped me off" has prompted me to reply with my own posting:

Service Calls
When you call a plumber, you're usually in trouble. Right? Some situations are more critical than others, on a sub-zero night a dead furnace calls for immediate action, while a dripping faucet is no great cause for alarm.
You should be aware that because of fixed overhead costs a minor repair could cost the same as a major one. The costs of service calls are often protested by customers. No doubt there is some cases of overcharge, but most people do not realize the factors involved even in a creditable charge.
Good service doesn't "just happen".
Operating a dependable service business requires competent management and a substantial capital investment. Just like any other business, a service company has fixed costs that must be absorbed.
So the next time you call a plumber, ask the cost of his hourly rate or his flat-rate, whichever price structure he follows, even check his track record with the BBB, but remember that what he charges you cannot be judged solely on the time he spends in you home.
Just food for thought, folks, the next time you get a bill that you feel may be too much. Marty

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