Hey Terry, thanks for the inspiration
Posted by Craig on August 01, 19100 at 10:25:30:
July 25 I posted a message that I wanted to add a shower to my half bath. I was going to elevate the shower to make room for the drain. You answered me the same day (thanks) and said that you would go ahead and break concrete to put the shower pan on the floor and avoid a 7-1/2" setp.
Well, since I already spent a fortune on this damn bathroom, I gave it some thought and got some additional advice (use toilet drain instead of stack) then I went and rented a big freekin Makita jack hammer and spent a half day blastin my way through about 4 linear feet of concrete to expose the toilet drain.
Let me tell you, it worked like a charm, I got a big hole around that drain, all nice and clear. Putting in the new pipe and drain gonna be easy as pie.
Terry, I moved an oil fired furnace to make room for this project, plus tore out a couple of partition walls (since the shower is 48" in a room that was 47"). I've gone through a couple dozen 2x4's and about 20 sheets of drywall enclosing the furnace and the new bath. I've rebuilt the toilet, bought a new pedestal sink and medicine cabinet (plus the $500 shower kit-it's gorgeous), installed a fan and got some bitchin ceramic tile for the floor. And thanks to you, nobody has to take a giant step out of the shower or trip over a drain pipe running across the floor. And so, I'd like to invite you, if you ever make it to New York, to stop by and take a shit, or a shower, in my new bathroom. It's gonna be great!
Thanks again.


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