Re: Plumbers ripped me off
Posted by casman on July 31, 19100 at 09:46:01:
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: That's not getting ripped off. Ripped off is ordering a 40 gallon hot water heater, total install by a home Depot Contractor was $400, then when the guy finally shows up he goes into the basement, puts his hand on the vent pipe from the old heater which hooks into the chimney and says" Ahhh we got a problem and says I gotta go call my boss. He returns and says, Yup your vent pipe/Liner is too small it's only a 3" and should be 4", but we can put in a 4" liner for $400.00 more, which would bring the total to $800. Then he says how long you lived here. I said three years, and that liner is Brand new. It was installed along with 2 90% furnaces, 2 airconditioners, air cleaners etc. He says well it's too small but we can fix it. I said no, if in fact it's wrong then the HVAC contractor will replace it. I called my HVAC guys and they said 3" is correct. I also called other HVAC contractors who said the same thing, 3" is fine. Eventually, with the help of this site I put it in myself, took 1/2 hour, total cost about $250. You weren't ripped off, it was a Sunday and I'm sure that the Plumber would rather spend his time with his family then with your sink.

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