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Posted by Mad Plumber on July 31, 19100 at 01:52:18:
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: I work at a hardware store, and I think that the story about the insulation burning is a bit farfetched. How can fiberglass insulation burn?

Dang! I'm glad you asked such a good question. I hope your're in the hardware section and not doing the plumbing questions. You are right! Fiberglass insulation does not burn! Pretty good there! I would be feeling pretty good right about now. Why your head must be getting bigger and bigger just a thinking about it.

But wait! In the story, it wasn't the fiberglass that was burning. What! you may be saying.

"Now what the heck do you mean by saying that Mad Plumber!"

The clue here, Mr hardware man, would be the little flames on the hands of the "idiot" pulling the insulation out of da wall. Tar baby, that's right, I said tar! Fiberglass insulation is attached to the vapor barrier with TAR! And guess what, TAR burns! It' burns pretty dang good and fast too. Hey, but while we're at it, so does the paper that is stickin to the tar which is sticking to the fiberglass. Of course, then you got the paper on the drywall, and those extra dry wood studs that have been drying out all Summer. Man, that's why the stuff is all burning. Don't feel bad Mr Hardwareman though. The best way to learn, is by doing it sometimes. That's why I knew to say,

"Hey! pull that insulation out of that wall first!"

You know what I mean?
Mad Plumber

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