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: : PLEASE HELP ME! I live in an older apartment. It is a quadplex (single level) style building. Sometimes when we take a shower the water in our toliet bowl bubbles and gurgles. On 2 ocassions when the pipes backed up feces backed up into our tub! GROSS! Maintenance has rootered, snaked, and plunged all the drains. Usually we get a temporary quick fix when they do this. At present our toliet bowl is filling up when flushed and VERY SLOWLY draining most of the time, at other times it flushed normally. I don't forsee the management company coughing up the bucks to fix the plumbing in our building. We also live in a hard water area. I have been considering dumping some muratic acid down all the bathroom drains, including the toliet to maybe help clean our the pipes somewhat. Is this advisable? My husband is unsure because he is certain the drains from all 4 apartments in our building are connected together. He came to this conclusion after we noticed that when the toliet is acting up it will bubble and gurgle when our next door neighbor flushes her toliet. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

: acid is unlikely to do any good and may make matters worse. You probably know the only good solution is to move. If you have a lease , threaten to call the city health dept. or local tv stations when you have crap in your bathtub. threaten lawsuits.

Your husband is a detective! The tub drain is connected to the sewer line that serves your toilet as well as the other toilets in the quadplex as well. That is a normal way to plumb the piping. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that the waste material is not draining properly, and that is UNSANITARY and a HEALTH DEPARTMENT concern. Tell the landlord that you are concerned about the sanitation and your health, and if he doesn't fix it this week, you'll send a CERTIFIED Mail letter to the Health Department asking that the property be condemned until its fixed and your expenses paid to stay in annice hotel until fixed. THAT will get his attention.

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