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: Please help me! I have hired three plumbers to examine and repair a shower leak. When I take a shower in my main bathroom, the water leaks to the basement. One plumber indicated it was my diverter; therfore, the diverter was removed and a new diverter was installed. Another plumber indicated that the tub needs re-caulking. The tub was recaulked. Guess what! the shower still leaks. Please help!

First you need to discover if the shower Supply is leaking, the Drain is leaking, the Pan is leaking, or the shower Surround and caulk is leaking. To do that, don't turn on the shower or diverter or tub faucet, but plug the drain of the shower, then add about as much water as it takes to fill the Pan (where you stand inside the shower) make a mark on the edge where the water level is, and go to the basement and see if you can see a leak, Use a STRONG flashlight. Can't see any leaks? Water level remains the same in the pan? Look at the drain line. Any evidence of a leak? No? Have somebody pull the stopper off the drain while you watch it from the basement. NOW does it leak? Yes? You know it's the Drain not the diverter. Call the first guy back to do his job right. No? It doesn't leak? Have a friend turn the shower on just a little bit and watch for leaks for about ten minutes. Tired of watching for leaks? put tin foil under the shower. You'll HEAR the drips hit that. No water leak with the supply on and running slow? Its not the supply. NOW you can look for other areas to caulk and stop the leak yourself.

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