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Posted by Not Average handyman any More on July 31, 19100 at 01:18:39:
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: I would like to replace my 25 yo water heater, but I'm unsure of the plumbing. In addition to the cold water supply and the hot water outlet at the top of my existing gas storage heater, there is an additional pipe exiting what should be the drain at the bottom, which appears to form a loop connecting to the other hot water line at the most distant sink. I suspect that this is some sort of convection loop. Should I simply maintain this configuaration with the new (also conventional) heater, or is there a reason to change it. I am interested in achieving as much energy efficiency as possible. Is this a job that an average home handyman can do?

The third line is an overflow line that should have a temperature pressure relief valve attached to it. It usually drains to an area where it won't hurt anybody if it blows pressure automatically. If you have it piped in as a recirculating line it might be because the temperature is too high, and the valve blows a lot. Play it safe. Ask a LICENSED plumber to estimate the changeover for you. You DON'T want to get scalded

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