Re: Plumbers ripped me off
Posted by hj on July 31, 19100 at 00:46:16:
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Hi, Tim.

I just hung up the phone on someone who asked what it would cost to rod a sewer on Sunday. I told him it would be $130.15 minimum, but the actual cost would depend on how long it took to fix it. So you got a bargain, but he should be sure to remember your name and phone number so that he either raise the quotation next time, or tell you he is not interested in you as a customer. I do not mind taking care of people's problems on the weekend if they cannot wait until Monday, but I do not appreciate it when they rip me off and then disappear so that they do not have to pay anything for the service.

: Terry, I just got ripped off. Its Sunday and they charged me $123.75 to come out and unplug my kitchen sink. It took them about 20 minutes.My check is going to bounch tomorow becase I dont have much in the bank.I feeel like they really ripped me off.Plumbers charge too much.

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