Re: Plumbers ripped me off
Posted by The Cheap plumber on July 30, 19100 at 17:18:13:
In response to Re: Plumbers ripped me off
You got ripped off. Next time just call me I will rooter that thing out for 45 bucks. Better wait till monday when I sober up. I can charge so less cuz I don't have the overhead others do. I bet the company you used had to pay a licensed plumber overtime to come out on sunday. First off licensed guys get paid too much I never use em. Second of all man Sunday you need to wait I work m-th 12-5pm. Fri. I like to knock off about 3pm. you know where else they have overhead insurance,warranty,advertising, the list goes on who needs it ? Next time call me better yet page me I don't have my phone cut on right now.

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