Gerber UltraFlush -- is mine defective?
Posted by David Keating on July 29, 19100 at 17:36:50:
Just bought a Gerber Ultraflush, and went to install it and noticed two things that seemed odd to me. First, it rocks a bit. I thought at first it was the floor, which seemed odd since the old Kohler Wellworth didn't rock. So I put it on different spots on floors in the house and it rocks everywhere left to right.

Not much, but noticeable. Is this defective? I'm worried that it won't seal properly if installed.

Also the exit of the toilet under the bowl where the wax ring is installed -- it is not a perfectly formed ring, as if it chipped, though it is not chipped. Does this matter?

Also, I read about the Ultra-Seal instead of a wax ring. Anyone have experience with this -- is it better than a wax ring?

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