Plumbing drains/vents with washing machine in kitchen with no vent
Posted by LK on July 28, 19100 at 20:17:30:
I have a problem in my kitchen that contains the washing machine (WM). Since the WM is in the kitchen above the crawl space, it drains into the wall, down to below the floor, over about 5 feet, to a sand trap, 90 deg out to a gray water tank. THe WM has not vent The Kitchen Sink (KS) has an air gap, no vent, goes across house and down a bit, about 20 feet, and meets up with a T which brings in the Bathroom sink & toilet & vent. Order as of highest is gap, toilet, sink, then into that main sewer line. LIne continues pretty straight, and tub drain comes in, out to septic tank. My problem is that I plumbed the WM into the line of the sink, very close to the sink. Replaced sand trap with a regular trap. That was installed from the vertical drain through the wall, to a 90, then to the trap, then to the sink area. When I run the washer, the kitchen sink gurgles, seems like sewer gasses are coming up, then it begins to back up the sink. I don't think just venting the line, whether near the sink or washer, would solve the problem. I think this because it seems the water can't get out and maybe it must be replumbed to enter the sewer line more near the bathroom. But would I need a vent in the kitchen still? And would the bathtub backup then?

Thanks a lot!

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