Re: Outdoor faucet lock?
Posted by Casman on July 28, 19100 at 12:35:32:
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: : I suspect that either my neighbor or builders in my subdivision are using the water from my outdoor facuet to water their lawns etc... I won't go into all the evidence and problems associated with it, but I'm wondering what I can do to prevent it. Is there some sort of lock I could install on my outdoor faucet? or an alternative type of faucet I could install to regulate it better.

: Don't look at this as a problem...Consider it an oportunity to be creative!!!!!
: 1. Plumb the faucet to your hot water, then crank up your water heater to 150-160 deg. this will do one or more of the following, burn the crap out of the thief, kill his grass, blowout his water hose.

: 2. Rig an old non functional water heater or other tank in series with the faucet. check valves and vacuum breaks are in order to keep stuff out of your system. Fill the tank with a solution of herbicide , sewage, latex paint, garlic juice,or other obnoxious stuff.

: If you think about it for a while, i'm sure you could come up with some other ideas.

:Be advised, if you injure even a thief you could get into all kinds of trouble with the law which values human life over property. I'd get a lock instead

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