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Posted by dick on July 28, 19100 at 10:53:01:
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grout is a cement based material used between tiles. What you are talking about is caulking.
The secret to getting it to hold is removing ALL the old caulk and cleaning thoroughly. Use a putty knife or a sharp knife and scrape between the aluminum and the tile.

The stuff you are using is called "Adhesive/Caulk" but it is a very weak adhesive. You have to get it between the aluminum and the tile, not just a bead of stuff covering the edges. make sure everything is completely dry. Work it into the crack with your fingers, go over it several times. make a smooth finish by wetting your finger and going over it one last time. Rub excess off adjacent surfaces with a dry rag.

If the aluminum track is not fastened securely, your caulking likely will not last. The aluminum will flex and buckle with temp changes , breaking the seal. I refered to tile several times, but it works the same with a fiberglass shower stall or other materials.

: We had a new aluminum enclosure installed for our stall shower about 2 years ago and it is now leaking through the grout around the base. the contractor used G E Silicone grout.
: I partly regrouted once before and now it is leaking again in other spots.
: Can anyone tell me where to get a laymans instructions for regrouting a stall shower??
: can you please copy me with any replies? thanks.

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