Japanese style bathtub and toilet
Posted by mmartin on July 28, 19100 at 10:30:12:
I'm hoping to remodel my bathroom to reproduce the one I had in Kyoto, Japan. In Japan, the bathroom in split into two parts -- bathing area and toilet. The bathing area contains a shower and a separate o-furo. The toilet contains a toilet that offers the options of a small flush or a large flush (you can figure out why) plus a small basin on top of the toilet tank for rinsing one's hands.
My problem is that I cannot find the modern plastic o-furo (I don't want a wooden tub) or the Japanese-style toilet in the US. Does anyone know where one can find these things in this country, or will I have to order them from Japan? Also, if I do buy them from Japan, will there be problems connecting the Japanese fittings on to the US pipes?

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