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: : I am finishing basement.My dilema is i need a diagram
: : or some means of configuring a way to install sewer ejector pump,toilet,sink, slop sink and tie all of this into an existing waste line that only alows me 4 feet of piping space to add these to toilet,and a washer that already tied into main waste line.

: How much free help do you want to get? The sewage ejector pump can handle all of the waste that you mention, in all of the space that you mention. The plumbing that you are talking about doing in the finishing of the basement is plumbing that requires both an electrical and building and safety permit, as well as plumbing inspection, because the work that you do will be concealed. When you sell the house, the lack of a permit will cause the sale to be held up, until a permit is obtained and inspection is completed, and if it isn't approved they'll call the health department and condemn the house. So....with that said, You design the new toilet to drain a four inch waste line gravity flow to a trench and hole in the basement floor to receive the plastic sump that the grinder pump, float and inlet outlet will fit in. Then design where the lavatory, sink, and slop sink will hang, and gravity pipe their drain to that toilet waste line. Then design the vent to get from the fixtures to the existing vent line to the roof. In that trench, you'll need a shelf about 12 inches wide 12 inches above the gravity sewer and 26 inches below the concrete floor for your electrical conduit (Waterproof) to come from somewhere (Do you need to install a sub-panel?) to get to the plastic sump to power the pump. Then design your pressure discharge from the pump to dump into the existing toilet waste line, at a sanitary tee which provides drainage and venting. There you have it. Backfill, compact, place re-bar, and pour concrete. Maybe you want to think about having a LICENSED plumber do the job.

Thankyou for the advise.
Honestly as much free help as possible.However,I would be more than happy to pay for advise because as we all know you get what you pay for.
All permits will be obtained just as they were when I gutted an installed a new kitchen, 2nd floor bath upgraded my 100amp service to 200amp.
because I know the importance they are to the resale of a home, but more impotantly to the safety of my 3 daughters and wife as well as the potential new owners of my home.So...with that said, your ideas have been of great help to me especially coming from a what I'm assuming is a LICENCED plumber.Thanks again.
PS: If you leave your email I would be more than happy to contact you personally and send you a gift of your choice from a wide variety of items from my company.

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