shower plumbing question
Posted by Sean on July 28, 19100 at 00:56:07:
Hey, I know this may be stupid, but I am confused about the depth of a shower valve that I am installing. The valve is made by Zurn and I am remodeling a bathroom/ shower. The valve is supposed to be flush with the finished wall, but there is no reference as to what part is supposed to be flush. There is a mud guard that says it should be flush with finished wall, but on the box it said don't use that info. The store that I bought it from said the instructions he had listed the depth from the riser and the hot/ cold, but did not specify if that was an on center measurement. I know this is long, but do the people that make this stuff allow any room for adjustments after the walls have been installed? Or is there just one chance to get a good flush look? Any help would be great, Thanks.

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