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You need to replace the diverter spout. grab the spout with anything you have available. pipe wrench, strap wrench, vice grips, maybe stick something in the spout. and unscrew it. If it's been there for a while, this can be difficult. you may destroy the spout in the process but thats ok.

you'll end up with the end of a pipe nipple sticking out of the wall or sometimes the nipple will come out with the spout, leaving a female pipe thread inside the wall.

at home depot buy a new diverter spout, $5 to $25,
with a few exceptions, they are usualy interchangeable, and a new nipple (if needed) , a tube of pipe dope, and a tube of tub and tile caulk.
put pipe dope on the threads, screw it into the wall and caulk. your in business.

A diverter spout is nothing but a regular spout with a shut off valve in it. In a pinch you can just put a pipe cap on the nipple sticking out, and your shower would work fine.

: I have a bathtub/shower in my bathroom with the little nob you pull up to make the water go from
: the regular bath spout to the shower head. Well recently I have only had cold showers and today I had
: a mildly warm shower because all the warm water was coming out of the regular spout and the cold water
: was coming out of the shower head. I tried pulling the little handle up, putting it down, starting all over,
: nothing worked.
: So, can you help me figure out how to fix this irritating problem? Any advice is much appreciated.
: Thanks!

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