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Posted by Dean Smith on July 27, 19100 at 11:25:20:
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My "Idiot Plumbing" story came from exactly the situation you mention, so be careful!! It IS an easy job (sort of) if you keep it simple. If, as the other helper says, you're in a warm climate, you probably have a simple spigot-follow his instructions. But if you're in a cooler area, you probably have a recessed washer silcock that should NOT be twisted at all, as you don.t know if it's soldered or screwed on (deep in the walls of your house). Sillcocks can usually be identified by the knob, which comes STRAIGHT out as if affixed on a shaft going into your house, WHICH IT IS! There will be two hex nuts, a smaller one up front (closest to the knob/handle) and a bigger one about 3/4"-1 1/2" behind the other. TURN YOUR WATER OFF, then loosen the bigger nut with a crecent wrench while stabilizing the spigot with some other wrench or vice grip (remember, DON'T let the spigot body twist!). Once loosened, pull out the valve assembly (knob/shaft-about 6-12" long) and you'll see a washer on the end attatched with a screw. Remove the washer and (now the tricky part!) dash to your local plumbing supply house/good hardware store and find a replacement washer. You should also look on the spigot for a manufacturers name and or model mumber-you might be able to get the washer ahead of time! Put the new washer on the shaft, put some TFE tape on the exposed threads & tighen it back up! Good luck!: If these are not frost proof faucets, then just turn off your water, screw off the faucet, put a little TFE tape on the pipe, and screw a new faucet on. most of these faucets don't have a replaceable seat so replacing the washer doesn't usualy last long. standard faucets are cheap but don't last long. I replaced mine with B&K ball valves.

: : Both of my outside water spigots are leaking terribly. I want to repair them myself. I have no way to get to the pipes inside as the entire basement is finished, but do have easy access to the spigots from the outside. Will this be a job for a professional or can I simply shut off the water and twist off the spigot and replace it? Thank you

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