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Posted by stephen on July 27, 19100 at 10:51:50:
Following is an earlier question. (I didn't know how old they get before they quit getting looked at for additional commentary)
The question now is:

So I build the seat, durock it for stability, then cover it with liner, of course adhering all seams, and up the walls.
Now, I'll be trying to adhere a relatively thick layer of deck mud to the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the
seat. Yuck. How about instead of that, using a mastic to affix another layer of durock, then filling the joints, and
tiling over that?

Thanks very much for your help.

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: I'll be building a tile shower, and want to know how to build the seat. I know I need to continue the pan behind
: where the seat will be, but that seems as though it will leave the wood framing for the seat sitting on theoretically
: saturated concrete. Should I basically encapsulate the seat itself in pan membrane, and then float it, like I
: will for the dam?

: Thanks for your help.

: Stephen.

You've got a pretty good mind! You are right, the pan covers the total bottom floor area, and then the constructed seat also needs a pan or splash pan or
membrane extending eighteen inches up the wall behind grout and tile, in front of the durock or hard board or green sheet rock, and then bending at the seat to
cover the framing and durock or hard board, and then bending again at the knees to fall into the shower pan. Then the thinset and tile and grout and sealer go on
top of that. Remember to slope the seat 2 percent (seat to knees) to drain the water from it when the shower quits

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