Re: leaky outside spigots
Posted by Dick on July 27, 19100 at 10:12:01:
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If these are not frost proof faucets, then just turn off your water, screw off the faucet, put a little TFE tape on the pipe, and screw a new faucet on. most of these faucets don't have a replaceable seat so replacing the washer doesn't usualy last long. standard faucets are cheap but don't last long. I replaced mine with B&K ball valves.

: Both of my outside water spigots are leaking terribly. I want to repair them myself. I have no way to get to the pipes inside as the entire basement is finished, but do have easy access to the spigots from the outside. Will this be a job for a professional or can I simply shut off the water and twist off the spigot and replace it? Thank you

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