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: I have a vanity with two sinks in the upper bath of our tri-level home. One of the sinks has a terrible odor (smelling like rotten eggs) that comes out of the drain while the water is running. This odor was first noticed in about October last year and was only occasional. Now the odor is noticed daily everytime we run water down the drain. The home was built in summer of 1997 and the odor was not present after construction.

: Occasionally the other drain has this same odor but usually only during the winter (I haven't noticed it since March).

: On two occasions in the past five months I have noticed the odor at our kitchen sink. One side of the kitchen sink has a disposal but this is not the side with the odor.

: I don't know what to do or who to talk to. I want to talk to a plumber, but have no clue where to begin.
: Can you give me suggestions on where to begin with a plumber?

You came to the right place to talk to plumbers. The thing you notice is that the smell comes when the water is running, right, not when the water is off? That should tell you that the smell like rotten eggs (Hydrogen Sulfide) is not coming from the drains, but is coming from the water. If that is truly the case, you have a very serious condition, and you need to act quickly. Boil a couple of glass jars in a pot to sterilize them, and then take water samples from the faucets that are offensive. Seal them with a good cap, put them in ziplock bags, and call a water testing laboratory. Tell them you suspect something in the water but don't know what it is. Tell them you smell rotten eggs. Ask for an analysis. Pay whatever they charge. IF THE WATER COMES BACK CLEAN, you have spent good money for great scientific insurance. IF THE WATER IS CONTAMINATED< STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. Contaminated water is gonna give you lots of grief if you keep using it.You have a couple choices if you have contaminated water. Your house is newer, and therefore has much opportunity for the builder to want to rectify the problem to save his good reputation. Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Underwriter has been receiving good premium money for a few years without a claim, and wants to continue that. Your Water Purveyor will immediately disclaim anything you say, and will seek methods to close your complaint. Before you set off alarms, but after you have the water tested and it comes back contaminated, ask your close neighbors if they have any water odors. If so, ask them to get it sampled at a lab of their choice and share their findings with you. MAYBE you only have a mildew in the water that you can smell in cooler weather and humid cool days.MAYBE the mildew can be filtered with a home water filter system or a Reverse Osmosis system. Maybe the water is not contaminated, and you have a septic system backing up. But if it's contaminated water, you have a health and safety issue. If you need more help, e-mail me at

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