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Posted by FIREHOUSE SHOWER on July 26, 19100 at 22:10:23:
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: Your water pressure problem is not the reason for the toilets not flushing, since toilets create their own pressure from the water in the tank. The showers probably have water saver heads on them and that is all the water they are allowed to deliver. The faucets also probably have low flow aerators for the same reason, and with the same results.

: : Just moved into a 9 yr. old house with low water pressure throughout. I'm use to a FIREHOSE type shower and cannot achieve that in my new house. The toilets threaten to overflow just from the pressure not being strong enough to FLUSH THE STUFF. Kitchen sink is the same.The pressure is not PATHETIC but, I would LOVE some advice.

Look at the showerhead. It has threads where it screws onto the shower arm that comes from the wall. Unscrew the shower head. Look inside. It has a small flow restrictor that reduces the supplied 1/2 inch diameter to 1/16th. Turn on the shower without the shower head attached. IS THAT FIREHOUSE OR WHAT? also look into the showerhead while holding it up to strong light and see if you can see pinholes of light or darkness. If its dark, try soaking the showerhead overnight in vinegar to clean it.Or poke a needle or pin into the holes to enlargen them. Look at the angle stop at the kitchen sink. Is the valve all the way open? Look at the aereator at the end of the sink faucet. Taht unscrews too. Check to see if its clean

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