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: I have boiler heat with radiators throughout my house. I am remodeling my kitchen and need to reroute 2 existing feed & return lines. The current piping is 3/4" - 1" steel piping. Is there an alternative type pipe to use on the rerouting to make it easier on my remodel? Do I need to be concerned with the diameter, etc.?

: Scott
The 3/4 inch 1 inch steel pipe is installed there because of the long runs, the heat loss through the walls of the pipe, and the expansion contraction of the supply lines. If you install an alternative pipe on your rerouting to make it easier, what are you considering? 3/4 inch pvc schedule 40? don't do it. 3/4 inch copper? Insulate the stuff very well if you do, and use Type L. What else might you be considering? POLYVINYL?????
The diameter is a factor because steam expands as it leaves the boiler and travels to the radiators, and releases oxygen molecules as it cools. The condensate return line needs to be capable of returning the volume of both water and air to the boiler for reheating, so be sure your reroute doesn;t have any bellys or sags that will trap condensate.

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