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: That is impossible to tell without doing a percolation test on the property to determine the seepage ability of the soil. The less seepage, the more pipe that you have to install.

: : i'm replacing a drain field for my septic tank, and i need to know how many feet of pipe to lay for a 2 bathroom home with 3 residents. any help would be appreciated

Leach Line Seepage or disposal absorption area is readily available to you. The septic tank is sized by the number of fixture units in the home, and the absorption area is sized by minimums, and then increased by percolation rate. If your soil is sandy, it usually requires 25 square feet of absorption area per 100 gallons. If the soil is clay it usually requires 60 to 100 square feet. Your department of building and safety has the records of what was installed and permitted at the time the house was built. If your house was built as a tract house, the disposal area was installed at the MINIMUM. Well there you go.....that just wasn't large enough and its failing on you. Check to see what was installed, maybe fifty feet long by two feet wide and 24 or 30 inches of rock below the line. That is only five square feet of absorption area per foot times fifty feet or 250 square feet. Thats the minimum for a 1000 gallon tank in a 25 (sandy)soil

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