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: A small house?? with all that plumbing in a "small" house, do you have to go next door to sleep?

: A regular water heater is cheap simple reliable. can be installed and replaced by almost any amature. I would try real hard to go this way.

: second choice would be the outside heater. somewhat more expensive but not much more complex. Not particularly attractive.

: The tankless heaters, either central or at point of demand, are generaly more expensive and more complex. I don't have any experience with reliability but i would expect them to be slightly less reliable than the tanks due to the added controls and valves. I don't mean to make the tankless heaters sound bad, they are not. they have some advantages over tank heaters. Just in my opinion, they are a little "less good" than the tank heaters.

: : I am renovating a small home and the one item I cannot seem to find room for is the hot water heater. (Ok, I do have some alternatives but...) I have surfed the internet and found waterheaters that can be installed outdoors (in mild climates), tankless systems which need less space, point-of-delivery systems with under sink mounting, hanging horizontal heaters (although this one looks commercial). After renovation my home will have: 1 Jacuzzi type tub, 1 regular tub, 2 showers, 3 bathroom sinks, 1 kitchen sink, 1 dishwasher, 1 washing machine. I am also conidering radiant floor heating in the kitchen/family room but of course this is just another hot water demand item. What do I use??? One of the above, a combination of some of the above??? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Also, note that while I won't say cost is no object, I will spend more to get a good efficient system that can handle the hot water needs without the infuriating running out of hot water.

The PROFESSIONAL LICENSED plumber will ask you to calculate your needs, FIRST, and then size to match. A Jacuzzi type tub when filled to barely cover your waist (but not submerge your legs and back) will require twelve gallons. To submerge you will require fifteen to eighteen (but for your small size maybe fourteen) A standard size tub will require almost the same ten to fourteen. That is too much demand upon a 20 gallon tank type water heater since while you're taking out hot, it's filling cold (which isn't yet heated). The washing machine tub is five gallons and a lavatory running three gallons per minute is fifteen gallons in five minutes. Do you use the shower within ten minutes of your significant other, or the kid? And do they run the three gallon per minute rate(Without a flow restrictor) shower for six minutes? And is the water heater a 20 gallon heater? That is why you're running out of hot water. The point of delivery tankless system would lend itself well in the bath, hidden under the cabinet. It'll deliver all the hot you want for as long as you want, since it's a boiler and generates steam. The washer and dishwasher are usually running about the time somebody wants to soak in the whirlpool, and they can easily be piped from that same point of delivery system. Just make sure the piping is well insulated. The tubs and showers and dishwasher are the largest consumers.A Point of delivery system would work well. Contact your local plumbing supply house for sizing and costs and electrical requirements. The radiant heat in the floor of the kitchen / family room could actually be a part of a hot water recirculating system and wouldn't REALLY need a separate water heater. Do yourself a favor. Contact three LICENSED plumbers in your area and get written estimates. Pay close attention to the manner in which they address you, their body language, and their eye contact. Is there one that seems more professional than the rest? Ask for referrals of satisfied customers. Then ask if there is any part of the contract that you could do to save costs, that the plumber will stand behind. Armed with that information I have visions of hot toddys and Christmas Spirit for your completed installation already.

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