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Posted by More on July 26, 19100 at 20:47:05:
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: If you have 2 water heaters what is the best way to hook them together (Series or parrell)to get the best use out of them. Also what is the difference between these two ways to hook them up

Series hookup consists of plumbing the cold water into the top of one heater, and the hot is piped out, and into the cold of the other heater. The hot is then piped out of that and supplies the hot water side of the fixtures. Parrallel hookup consists of cold water piped to both heaters and the hot outlet from one heater is piped to tee into the hot of the other.

The difference is that in series, one of the hot water heaters acts as a pre-heater for the other saving energy. Primary consideration is an excellent insulation on the piping and fittings.

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