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: Thanks for your replies to my other messages. I may end up tearing up part of my driveway to clean out the roots and replace sewer line. I now have pvc. What is the best pvc pipe to use and what can I do to the joints to prevent roots from getting in them?

The Best pvc pipe to use for sewer is not recommended. pvc is Poly Vinyl Chloride Use ABS black pipe that is actually manufactured for sewer It is written right on it DWV which stands for Drain Waste Vent. It comes in 2,3, and 4 inch and uses a specially formulated glue that does not utilize a primer. It is great to prevent roots, but you need to use a professional's skill to glue it for that purpose. Design your sewer layout to use as few fittings as you can, and the longest straight runs to prevent root intrusion. When you cut the pipe and add a fitting, cut the pipe squarely, and trim the little bitty shavings from the cut. Glue the pipe, and glue the fitting too, but don't put so much glue as to puddle the glue inside. (Because the glue doesn't need a primer, it is so strong that it will soften the inside of the pipe if it puddles.) Push the fitting onto the pipe (Not the pipe onto the fitting) and twist an eighth to a quarter turn and push and hold pressure on it. What that does is use the friction of the pipe and glue entering the fitting to soften the inside of the fitting's coupling and the pipe's outside which attacks the styrene plastic surface and actually melts it. The quarter turn twist drags some of that melted plastic into a bead that actually becomes a welded bead inside the fitting's coupling. Non- professionals then twist a little bit more instead of holding constant pressure. THATS WHAT CAUSES THE LITTLE AIR BUBBLE HOLES IN THE GLUE THAT THE ROOTS GET INTO.

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