Re: Sulfer smell in shower only
Posted by Charles on July 26, 19100 at 19:35:42:
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I've found a solution to the sulfer smell problem which previously existed at the cold water tap of one bathroom sink. It was apparently an isolated bacterium in that part of the plumbing which would create a hydrogen sulfied by-product when the faucet had not been used for several hours. I intoduced chlorine bleech to that specific line of the cold water plumbing by 1) shutting off the water supply, 2) opening the cold water tap at the garage sink 3) opening the cold water tap at the sink where the smell occured 4) pumping chlorine bleech into the system from the garage until a chlorine smell could be detected at the bathroom sink 5) then closing all cold water faucets to trap the chlorine for a period of 10 munutes or so, finally 6) turning on the water supply and letting all cold water taps run for a few minutes to clean the lines.

This seems to have solved the problem. We have not had an odor for several days now. I have copper pipes and limited the chlorine treatment to 10 minutes.

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