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Posted by Dick on July 26, 19100 at 15:25:34:
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Don't kid yourself. even without wood studs, you still have a lot of wood in your house and termites are an issue. Aside from termites, excessive moisture can cause other problems.

they do make what are called Condensing dryers. they have a cooler on the exhaust that condenses out the moisture before exhausting it into the house. They are not as good as an outside exhaust but far better than what you have. they do need a water drain for the condensate.

You might check the "historical district" rules again and talk to some of your neighbors to see how they handle it. Rules for these areas generaly preserve the appearance , but they make some kind of allowance for modern convieniences. Like indoor plumbing instead of outhouses, modern heating and air conditioning, rewire for modern lighting and appliances, etc.

you might need to be a little creative. dryer ducting doesn't need to be 6" dia running to a standard aluminum hooded vent. it can vent from behind an antique cast iron grill. with an auxillary in line blower, it could be vented thru a much smaller pipe.

The powers in charge of these areas will sometimes grant minor variances to the rules as long as you are making a real effort to go along with the sprit of the rules.

: Unfortunately the building is an historic one & therefore I can't vent it. Luckily though I don't have wood studs so termites won't be an issue.

: Thanks for the suggestion though.

: : I would try to vent the thing. My sister had the same set up. Excess moisture built up, not to mention the lint dust, next thing you know termites had eaten up 1/2 the house, I think they were attracted to the moisture in the wood. Good luck, I would drill a hole and put in a vent.

: : : I have a condo with a dryer that has no outside vent. It just vents into the laundry room. What product can I use to remove the moisture/heat produced - if any? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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