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Posted by dick on July 26, 19100 at 10:41:06:
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: Just moved into a 9 yr. old house with low water pressure throughout. I'm use to a FIREHOSE type shower and cannot achieve that in my new house. The toilets threaten to overflow just from the pressure not being strong enough to FLUSH THE STUFF. Kitchen sink is the same.The pressure is not PATHETIC but, I would LOVE some advice.

Seems like most people confuse pressure and volume. first off, your toilets don't flush because your sewer line is partialy blocked. this has nothing to do with your other problem.

first thing, check your pressure. get a gage in the sprinkler dept. at lowe's or home depot that connects to your outside faucet. pressure should be between 40 and 80. check the valves on your main line, there should be one at the water meter and one where it comes into your house. there may be more. make sure they're on.

using a 5 gal bucket and a watch, check the full open flow rate at the outside faucet closest to the main line. if you have a vacuum breaker on the end of the faucet you may need to remove it or temporariluy replace the faucet for the test.They tend to restrict flow. You should have 6-8 gals/min flow, although 3-4 should be enough for a good shower if nothing else is running.
If you have pressure and you have volume, then your problem is in your house plumbing or fixtures.

I have low pressure and i like lots of water in my shower. I got a shower head with 40-50 brass nozzels at home depot. i removed the flow restrictor from the neck and then drilled a couple of extra holes thru the body and then drilled out about half of the brass nozzels with a 1/16 " drill. It's great.

of course it's illegal and i have to check for FBI hidden cameras, etc. before each shower.

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