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Posted by hj on July 26, 19100 at 09:03:13:
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It may be the washer, or the stem could be expanding when it gets hot shutting off the water until you openit further and then the opening is wide enough that the high volume comes out. Either situation is usually cured by replacing or tightening the washer.

: Hi,

: We just bought a new house and have found that the main shower's hot water tap has some strange behavior:
: After we turn it on and the water becomes hot, it starts to bang then shuts off. When we turn it on a bit
: more the banging goes away and the water comes again, but very strong.

: Any thoughts as to what this may be? It doesn't seem to be 'water hammer;' could it be as simple as a washer?

: Thanks for the great site!

: Ken

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