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Posted by Terry Love on July 25, 19100 at 20:53:50:
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: Dear Terry:
: CTDI Corporation has been distributing toilets in Marin County for about 3 1/2 year. We have distributed primarily the Toto c703 and 704 models with great customer satisfaction. Some of our customer want to opt for the rebate program and buy their toilets from retailers. I often give them a copy of your "Toilet Pages" for reference. (I hope I am not violating copyrights!)

It's OK with me, feel free to keep doing that. TL

One feature of toilets which I believe makes all the difference in performance is the trap size. When customers go to their retailer, no one seems to be able to tell them what the trap size on the fixtures is. I belive that the Toto has a 2 1/8" trap, and out of the 15,000 we have distributed, I have had only one clog---that in a restaurant where people tend to throw everything into them. can the consumer get this information easily without having to contact every manufacturer?

Things that I have noticed that helps, is a combination of the trap size, what angles it takes, how smooth it is, whether there are any rough edges and/or ledges, and the speed of the water through the trapway.

Manufactures for the most part don't advertise these things much. Some that tout the large trapways may have rough edges.

The Toto's do seem to work well. The Toto Ultramax and Drake series has the 2-1/8" trapway, The UniFit Toto's have the 2-1/16" and I'm not sure how big the CST703 is. The pressure assist toilets may have even less than two inches in the trapway, but make up for it with the assist. The Seattle water saving program is using the Toto Drake and the Caroma Caravelle toilets. Both pretty high performance. Those manufactures that take the extra care will benefit in the long run. Terry

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