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: I have a pvc sewer line and would like to know two things. my house is 25 years old in orlando, fl. How many are the sections in the pvc sewer line, from joint to joint. 2. What is the best way to kill roots in the line and does it really work. I am also thinking of digging up where the clog is, ( thats why i asked question 1) and repairing the joint and putting rocks over it to keep roots out.

PVC sewer pipe comes in 20 foot lengths, but the plumber that installed it could have cut it and installed a fitting anywhere. You can't really tell where the place to dig is, by measuring 20 foot lengths. The pipe has zero sections joint to joint, until it gets cut to install a fitting. The best way to kill roots in the line is to have a sewer cleanout installed outside the house that allows a cutter to be installed the same diameter of the mainline. What traditionally happens is no 4 inch outside cleanout is available, so a roto snake is installed inside the house at a 1 1/2 inch access, using a 1 1/4 inch or 3/4 inch cutter head. When it gets to the roots it only cuts a small hole in them to allow some drainage, and that root hole quickly grows back. A four inch cutter cuts to the inside sidewalls of the lateral on your property till it gets to the six inch main in the street. Roots look for water, and when they can't get it from you providing it at the tree stump or from sprinklers, they look for water inside your sewer. Salt takes that water away from them, so they look elsewhere. When you roto snake, tell the operator to measure the length and tell you where the concentrated problem is. Dig there, cut the roots away from the joint in the PVC line, smear plastic glue around the joint, and add rock salt to the trench when you backfill.

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