Which EL 2-piece toilets have Flushmate III?
Posted by John on July 25, 19100 at 15:29:00:
I've found the following elongated, 2-piece toilets with the Flushmate III:

American Standard 2333
Crane C3835
St. Thomas Eclipse Mariner 6203

Are there any others now available or soon to become available? (I called Flushmate and was given incorrect information - "American Standard and Gerber only".)

I need to cover a hole in the floor resulting from a prior owner's installation of a tile floor around the old toilet, and none of the above toilets appear to have a base that is sufficiently flat in front or long enough from the drain hole to the front of the base to cover the squared off front base corners from an old American Standard toilet.

A possible alternative solution is the Sachwin toilet base cover, but I would prefer to find a Flushmate III toilet that will cover the hole without having to use a base cover that is unlikely to last as long as the toilet.

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