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Posted by Lever lehgth adjustment on July 25, 19100 at 15:24:25:
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: My bathtub suddenly stopped draining. I removed the face place, checked the linkage (all good) opened the pipes in the basement cleaned them out, I have a drum trap installed that is fine also. House built in '58.
: So the problem seems to be the lever that is moved by the weight on the linkage attached to the face plate.

: According to diagrams I have seen, can I physically move the "lever" which opens and closes the drain?

: Or how do I remove the tub drain?

The lever that passes through the face plate has a wire or threaded shaft that hooks to it and drops to the drain closure stopper. If it is threaded, and suddenly stopped your tub from draining, the threads have probably stripped, allowing the stopper to fall enough to block the drain, Buy a new linkage at Home Depot. If it is a wire and uses a spring steel clip to make the adjustment, simply re-adjust the spring steel clip to move the drain stopper into a higher elevation to allow the tub to drain when its open, and not drain when its closed

Removing the tub drain is harder. Normally requires lifting up the tub to get to it

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