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: :you will have to take apart the drain pipes that come off of the disposal and remove the obstruction in the pipes. if the clog is further down you will need a snake to run down the line.

: We put cilantro stems down the garbage disposer in our kitchen sink and it's clogged now. The dishwasher's water is also coming into the sink. How do we try to clean the pipes?

Cilantro stems are organic and can be cleared organically. The stems are soft enough that the disposal hammers that beat against then and make them small enough to flow through the pipes have been wedges inoperative. FIRST turn off the power to the disposer, look into it with a flashlight and look to see where the jam is. If its in the disposer you can fish out the stuck stems with long needle nose pliers or hemostats enough to get the hammers free swinging again. Then restore power, run water and grind what is left to clear the disposer. Does water Still come back? into the sink? If so push a towel against the sink drain and weigh it down (or have someone push down on it to hold it) Then with water standing in the disposer side push a plunger collapsed slowly to evacuate the air, then pull up and back down and up repeatedly six to ten times to try to make the water in the line make the stems still in the drain to move

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