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: Thinking of purchasing a house in a suburban neighborhood that has a septic system but can be hooked up to the sewer. I would like to put a pool where the current septic system is. Can I remove my septic system or is this a risky proposition with my pool site idea? Please respond at your earliest convenience.
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Look at the costs involved. In the first place the GOOD functioning septic system may or may not have been pumped when you first bought the house. If it has been pumped, then any bacterial contamination that is possible from an overflow situation has been eliminated. Thats a good thing. The existing soil DOES NOT pose a health problem. When you connect to sewer, the LICENSED sewer plumber is contracting to connect to the existing sewer BEFORE it reaches the septic tank, and then SUB-CONTRACTS with a septic tank pumping company to pump and transport any of the unsanitary wastes in the tank. At that point on the contract issue, most plumbers then fill and abandon the septic tank on site, and have it inspected and certified as abandoned in place by the Department of Health. When the swimming pool contract is drawn up, make sure it is in WRITING that the swimming pool contractor will excavate the (now abandoned) septic tank and leach line, and will properly dispose of the materials, AS WELL AS examine the soil and take soil samples where necessary to certify that there is no contaminated soil remaining within 25 feet of the swimming pool. Then you are Assurred of a sanitary installation within the Uniform Plumbing Code. All the LICENSED plumbers and excavators are aware of this, you just need to let them know that you are aware of it as well (And that you got the information from Terry Loves Web site) Need more information? e-mail me at

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