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Posted by Terry Love on July 25, 19100 at 14:23:47:
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: Replacing a 22-yr old wall hung lav with a pedestal model. Does anyone have a link to some installation
: instructions? (preferable ILLUSTRATED instructions...I do good with pictures!!!) Found a nice set of instructions
: for intalling the toilet at, but they had no pedestal instructions. (btw, the instructions that came with
: the ped. & sink (American Std) are laughable. On a piece of paper about 4x6 and they basically say, if you don't know
: how to do this you're an idiot). So, OK I'm an idiot.

: Concerns:

: 1) The old wall hung bracket was 31" from the floor. The new sink will sit approx 34" from the floor. What do
: I use to hang the new sink if there is no stud behind the wall?

You may want to add a stud, and then repair the wall before installing the pedastal.

: 2) How do you balance/shim the sink & ped?

: 3) The drain/trap for the old sink is about 1" - 1 1/2" "short" of where the drain on the new sink will be.
: (sounds like I need a plumber!!!....or a father-in-law who's in town!!!) What's involved in putting in a longer
: pipe extension from the wall?

I always use a new p-trap in that situation. The trap should be cut for the installation. You don't want the trap going too far into the pipes at the wall.

: I know, I know. I am the home owner that has plumbers dreaming of that new bass boat!!!

A new bass boat? I'll be right there!

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