Tapping into main stack to add shower drain
Posted by Craig on July 25, 19100 at 09:39:09:
I want to install a shower in my half bath. The main soil stack runs just behind the toilet. The sink, next to the toilet joins the stack about a foot and a half above the floor level. I want to tap into the stack at floor level and run the drain about three feet to the shower. The shower base will be elevated to make room for the drain and for grade to drain the pipe. The soil stack is 3-inch copper. The floor is a concrete slab. Since I can't lift the stack to insert a T fitting; can I cut out a section of the stack and insert the male T over the lower stack pipe and then use a hubless connector to seal the top of the T to the upper pipe? Or is there a way to cut into the stack to add the drain (such as an ice maker line for a fridge cuts into the pipe and clamps on).

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