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Posted by dick on July 22, 19100 at 17:20:55:
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: what significant affects does UV radiation have on PVC pipes? thanks!

Ultraviolet deteriorates most plastics and causes them to become weak and brittle. PVC in direct sunlight (depending on what part of the country) will be seriously weakened in 1 to 5 years.
Paint will protect the pvc if it has enough pigment in it to block the UV rays. Not all paint does. Generaly darker colors block UV better. Painted pvc with a scrape or similar damage in the paint is not a bit better than unpainted pvc.

On fabric and fiberglass airplanes where uv damage could be extremely expensive, they sometimes add aluminum powder to the paint. I used some a few years ago when i made a dacron fabric canoe. It comes as a paste that you mix into any oil base paint. available from aircraft supply stores.

If it's just a straight run of pvc thats exposed, you might consider running it inside galvanized metal conduit.

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