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Posted by hj on July 21, 19100 at 23:42:04:
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I would not worry too much about its construction, you most likely not use it too often. In the Phoenix/Scottsdale area there are hundrds of these tubs made out of concrete and I think just about every one of them is being used as a planter. I do know that few, if any, are used as a bathtub, since they are cold and uncomfortable. In addition, since they have a lot of mass, the hot water is cooled almost as soon as it enters the tub.

: Hi,
: We are expanding into our basement and will be putting in a new bathroom. We would like to construct the tub out of concrete. Can we install our own jet system ? What parts will we need? where can we get the parts?
: Any suggestions on sealing the interior of the tub?
: Thanks for answering my questions.
: Lee Heath

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